Friday, May 06, 2022

Robert Takahashi Crouch - Ritual Variations [Room40 Promo]

Actually released on May 6th, 2k22 via the Australian Room40 label is "Ritual Variations", the latest album by L.A.'s Robert Takahashi Crouch - or better: an extended remix ode to "Ritual", the opening tune of his last full length piece "Jubilee" which was put out on the circuit back in 2k21. With the original two hours of recorded source material at hand which used to make up the foundation from which "Ritual" was derived we see a total of eight artists, Crouch himself included, bringing this source material to life again - and into a new form. Over the course of 72+ minutes the reworks provided by the likes of Room40 head honcho Lawrence English, Yann Novak, Christina Giannone and others cover a sonic spectrum ranging from icy and glistening Ambient structures to a tender stream of slowly evolving Deep Listening Music, extremely eerie, otherworldly minimalism paired with overwhelming low end pulses and faint echoes of (Neo)Cosmic to be found in Faith Coloccia's "Voice VI Compression Ratio" as well as stripped down athmospheric drone textures, brittle, trembling ambience, tectonic shifts accompanied by spatial crackles and beyond just to lay out a rough idea of what is to be found on this one. If you're a dedicated Ambient collector and x or fan of the Room40 outft in general this one might be a well suitable addition to your collection.


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