Thursday, June 23, 2022

Autoclav1.1 - Gone Long Before The Death Of The Sun [Audiophob 037]

Put out on the circuit via the Jena-based label that is Audiophob on April 1st, 2k22 is "Gone Long Before The Death Of The Sun", the second full length album piece produced for the imprint by Tony Young a.k.a. Audioclav1.1 after his highly diverse 2k20 label debut "Nothing Outside". With a total of ten new tracks spread over the course of roughly 43 minutes Young opens with a "Long Slow Clap For The Of The Word", a surprisingly harmonic IDM x ChillOut x Downtempo vision featuring effervescent synthesizer melodies and panoramic pads which are setting the scene thematically for more dark visions to come like the frolicking, almost uplifting synthscapades of the BigBeat meets US-American television style melodies of "Fauna Collapse" which are set to resonate with both dancefloors as well as with collectors of classic 80s Library / Production Music alike whilst brooding ambience alongside sparkling, ever cascading synth melodies and emotional piano lines are to be found in the "Plastic Sea". "When The Bee Disappears" deals with further apocalpytic eco horrors in terms of providing an interesing combination of sparse melodic elements, large scale harmonies and a subdued 4/4 foundation, the subsequent "Landfill" weighs in a slightly kitsch-infused variation of Ambient Downbeat x Balearic Electronica, the "Holocene" follows on a similar path, yet adds even deeper, more emotional strings to the mix whereas a "Tsunami" even reveals a borderline (Neo)Classical piano attitude before heavy beats provide a dramatic groove, turning the entire piece into an epic direction. The subsequent tune "Dead Air" featuring Sven Phalanx weighs in more Downtempo drama paired with post-apocalyptic soundscapes and a certain Blade Runner-feel, "Culpability" brings forth a spaced out, hyperharmonic TripHop vibe before "White Into Amber", a collaborational effort featuring Andreas Davids, finally rounds things off on in true IDM x Ambient crossover fashion. Defo a well surprising longplay effort, this, which seems way more cohesive, both sonically and thematically, than its direct predecessor and, in its entirety, would provide a well-suitable soundtrack for a large scale documentary focusing solely on the beauty of the planet we live on - in moving pictures without any further commentary.

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