Thursday, August 11, 2022

Automatisme & Stefan Paulus - Gap/Void [Constellation Records 164]

Another fresh album released via Constellation Records on May 20th, 2k22 is "Gap/Void", the latest international collaboration effort conceived by Canadian artist William Jourdain a.k.a. Automatisme and Swiss Ambient producer - and more... - Stefan Paulus. Rolled out over the course of ten tracks and approx. 67 minutes total runtime the duo explores a sonic realm based upon Field Recordings of mostly inhospitable spots and hostile weather phenomena captured in various mountain ranges and even north of the arctic circle which are folded, layered, cut-up and reprocessed multiple times before being enriched by a variety of - also reprocessed and warped - samples, drums and other bits and pieces nicked from a set of, strangely enough, second hand Disco singles from the 1970s and 80s. The result of this meticulous process is a fascinating journey into glacial, hyperfuturistic IDM Rave informed by complex Broken Techno and UK Bass Music presented in the opening cut that is "Säntis" which later is drifting off into a brooding maelstrom of Doom Ambient and Field Recordings of deadly gusts of wind before "Marwees" takes on low end heavy DubTechno antigrooves for a change and "Üble Schlucht" is following up on a path of spine-tingling ethereal, dubbed out and well stripped down Electronica grooves for highly advanced after-after-afterparty dancefloors. Furthermore "Blau Schnee" is taking dancefloors by storm with its dark, minimalist, slightly washed out and highly functional Techno attitude, "Stoos" brings forth more of an atmospheric, yet hollow Minimal Techno / MicroHouse feel whereas "Wisswand" is taking Minimal Techno to a filtered, bass-heavy extreme and evokes blurred memories of late 90s underground 12" releases by Fred Bigot before he became Electronicat. "Schwarzhorn" on the other hand harks back to a mixture of Field Recordings and minimalist Deep Listening Music, the interestingly named "Tothore" provides even more minimalist, athmospheric Ambient textures, "Nob" presents an array of icy crackles alongside hostile winds before the final cut that is "Wisshorn" rounds things off on a calmer, yet somewhat brooding and ominous Dark Ambient / Death Ambient tip. This is a trip. A highly recommended one, though.

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