Saturday, August 13, 2022

Erlend Apneseth - Nova [Hubro Music]

Set for release on August 26th, 2k22 via the ever active Norwegian imprint Hubro Music is Erlend Apneseth's new album named "Nova", his first full on solo album in nearly a full decade and a ten tracks and 28 minutes spanning exploration of his instrument of choice which is the so-called hardanger fiddle. A staple in Norwegian Folk and beyond for centuries Apneseth's take on this classic instrument is not only his second ever solo album in his long career but also a reflection on his personal life, with the most beautiful, floating and panoramic, slightly melancholia-inducing "Ly" setting a seemingly (neo)classically infused and truly Nordic tone as an opening piece with the folksy, multilayered and echoing "Fall" presenting more of a dreamlike attitude whilst the livelier and more spatial miniature that is "Framand" is following on a similarly wound path into dreamland whereas the slightly dubbed out "Spenglingar" is frolicking through Norwegian meadows, the "Gravsong" takes us on a journey from tender, mournful sadness to a highly emotional, dramatic climax and the final cut that is "Ettertid" even drifts off into spine-tingling nocturnal territories from a quite minimalist and most quiet start just to name a few.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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