Monday, August 15, 2022

Javier Hernando & Angel Lalinde - Vacuola [Wet Dreams Records 013]

Coming in from Spain only recently is "Vacuola", the latest album effort created by long standing - we're talking a debut cassette tape album under his real name in 1990 here... - electronic music composer Javier Hernando in collaboration with Angel Lalinde. Released via Wet Dreams Records as their 013 on June 21st, 2k22 the hand-numbered twelve tracks and roughly 42 minutes spanning album starts off on an immediately threatening and most of all hostile tip with earth shaking bass movements creeping up from gargantuan subsurface vaults before seamlessly moving forward into a realm of scraping, screaming and buzzing Rhythm Industrial x Industrial Electronics which presents an overwhelming wall of digital feedbacks in pieces like "Transito" whereas the title tracks brings forth a spatial, well minimalistic sci-fi attitude with its sparse, yet distinct backround movements and icy exoterrestrial soundscapes perfectly matched by the likeminded follow up "Comalada". "F.B.N.C.C.I." drifts off into somewhat sugar-coated Eso-Ambient for no obvious reasons whilst the triple feature of "Exaltata", "Enana Roja" and "Aparato Totalizador" explores Dark Ambient at the very fringes of the audible spectrum, providing more of a physical experience when it comes to overwhelming low frequency rumbles and other goodness before the concluding "Bandera" once again harks back to crackling minimalisms whilst adding a deep and almost accessible a.k.a. dancefloor suitable Ambient Electronica / Armchair Techno resembling rhythm signature to the mix just to name a few. Excellent stuff, this. Get.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very Great Álbum !!!

5:52 PM  
Anonymous STAHLFABRIK said...

As co-head of Wet Dreams Records, I appreciate such a wonderful review. I also thank the artists Javier Hernando and Angel Lalinde who wanted to release this fabulous album on our label. This action makes us want to continue working. Hugs.

12:01 AM  
Anonymous Marga said...

I've been following Javier Hernando for years but this is one of the best electronic albums I've heard in a long time, thanks Javier Hernando and Wet Dreams Records

12:36 AM  

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