Friday, August 19, 2022

Angelina Yershova / Ynaktera - Time For Change [Twin Paradox 006]

Released via the Rome-based Twin Paradox-imprint on June 24th, 2k22 as the labels 006 is "Time For Change", the latest collaboration album conceived by Kazakhstan's ever active Angelina Yershova in conjunction with Italian producer / composer Ynaktera. Rolled out over the course of nine tracks and a total runtime of roughly 51 minutes the duo creates a washed out, dreamlike sonic scenario from the very first seconds of the opening piece "Awakened Goddess" onwards which opens with frolicking, spatial, yet somewhat otherworldly piano cascades accompanied by earth shaking bass pulses and all sorts of crackles and sonic interference signals whereas the subsequent "Global Ocean Warming" touches base with somewhat kitschy - ...and presumably healing... - EsoAmbient structures, the "Shamanic Morse Code" provides deep, spatial and somewhat brooding fodder for Clicks'n'Cut-infused late night IDM dancefloors and therefore is - also due to its minimal structure and spine-tingling atmosphere - one of our main favorites on this album whilst "Everything Is Connected" explores a tender amalgamation of Electronica and more wafting piano dreams, "Perpetual Spin" serves a crackly, hyperminimal Clicks'n'Cuts x Bass Music fusion for those in the know and "Cluster Light" even adds some jazzy piano sparkles to the recipe to mix things up a bit just to name a few. A little bit too smooth and kitschy at times to stand out yet defo a proper gateway into the world of Ambient and Electronica for those who are well keen to enter this realm and broaden their musical spectrum for a reason.

Album artwork on Insatgram!


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