Thursday, August 18, 2022

Niklas Wandt - I Wandt To Believe [Animals Dancing 010 Test Press]

First things first: We absolutely despise the title of this EP. Never ever in the history of electronic music has there been a need for a seemingly witty, pretentious and pseudo-clever play on words ever. And most importantly: Nobody ever succeeded at such an attempt at any point in time. Instead, history is nothing but a sequence of sad failures. This being said and this major faux pas aside Mr. Wandt presents a formidably deep, dreamy and melodic four track EP with this one, spanning an ark from krautsy, balearic and well trippy Romantic House with an obvious Tribal-infusion and heaps of obscure sounds for a dedicated after-after-after hours audience to proper 90s IDM x NuBeat crossover vibes with a well futuristic twist and a snare drum that could well make any tune by Cabaret Voltaire heavier by the pound before the flipside offers a proper take on very early 90s Ambient House x Ambient Rave meets ProtoTrance with the title track whereas the final cut "300CE" brings forth catchy vocoder bits alongside a fully over the top Electro x BigBeat x Italo kitsch hybrid for dancefloors shared by breakers, b-boys, fly girls and drunk British punters alike - and in equal parts. Yet, the biggest surprise arises when speeding the A2 cut "Im Verborgenen" up to 45rpm which is when all driving highspeed SynthWave x ElectroWave x Industrial hell starts to break loose for those who know. Adventurous 12" is adventurous. Not in a bad way, though.


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