Sunday, August 14, 2022

Magnus Granberg - Night Will Fade And Fall Apart [Thanatosis Produktion 015]

Put out on the circuit via the ever growing Stockholm-based imprint Thanatosis Produktion on August 5th, 2k22 is "Night Will Fade Apart", the latest large scale album outing by Swedish composer Magnus Granberg which features a whole set of iterations of the title bearing main piece rolled out over a 2CD set and a total of roughly 95 minutes playtime. Opening with the main version on CD1, the 43 minutes spanning full ensemble take of "Night Will Fade And Fall Apart" performed by the sextett now known as Tya Ensemble, the listener is drawn into a timeless, eternal twilight of surely nocturnal quality, embedded in a sonic cocoon of calm and minimalist, yet surely DarkJazz-infused nature, garnished with what seem to be additional single field recorded sounds and an overall feel meandering in between organic Deep Listening Music and nightly Ambient references with this piece being nothing short of a magnum opus which could be well suitable to function as a fully flegded score for a contemporary, yet monochrome experimental film noir of sorts. On CD2 the Tya Ensemble splits up into fractions and presents duo / solo varieties of "Night Will Fade And Fall Apart" for percussion, violin, cello, guitar as well as for piano and vibraphone in this respective order, all stripped down and minimalist by default due to their focus on one particular instrument, of which the short piece that is "Night Will Fade And Fall Apart (For Percussion)" might be our favorite due to its brooding, somewhat low end-heavy and spine-tingling nature whereas especially the variants "Night Will Fade And Fall Apart (For Guitar)" and "Night Will Fade And Fall Apart (For Piano And Vibraphone)" present an extremely tender and introvert, defo contemplative take on the original piece which is well worth the time for a focused repeated listening session for a reason. Highly recommended. Get.

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