Thursday, October 27, 2022

Hanzzo - The Crowd [Härte Musik 015 Promo]

Put out on the circuit on September 2nd, 2k22 via Härte Musik is "The Crowd", the latest digital single cooked up by German underground producer Hanzzo. With two of the four mixes of this release to be found on our promo version we see Hanzzo provide a thrilling and spatial take on highly functional, hounded and vault-like underground Techno slowly creeping up to noisy, ecstatic and flickering heights for strobe-lit peak time rave sets with the original version of "The Crowd" whereas the so-called "The Crowd *Knarz Maschine Remix" brings forth the most ultimate 'no bullshit' attitude with its relentlessly marching and hammering drums and an overall dark and monotonous, braincell crushing attitude that's about to wear even the hardest of Hardtechno fans down when blasted at them, even at medium volume levels, through a proper club rig. Hashtag: #deadly.


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