Friday, January 13, 2023

BJM Mario Bajardi - Vortex [self-released]

That's an approach we do approve of: artists taking their faith into their own hands, pulling their shit together and releasing their music on their own terms both physically and independently. This is exactly what BJM Mario Bajardi has done with "Vortex", basically the soundtrack to the artists 'SEE THE MUSIC - SEE THE MUSIC' project which, as an interdisciplinatory effort, involves both audio works and prints of formerly digital only art pieces. Focusing on the audio side of things the December 16th, 2k22-released album caters a total of twelve tracks rolled out over the course of 43 minutes, all based on the combination of electric violin and a various set of electronics, opening with the deep and bass heavy Electronica x ChillOut cut that is "Arp", a well floating affair presenting a curious, lovely synth melody alongside yearning, sustained tones whilst "Viper Drops" seems to dabble with being a twisted Skweee x Bass Music hybrid monster and "Varjant" - an early favorite, btw - brings in the most thrilling, ever morphing high tension bass sequence in what can be roughly described as a Goth Breaks bangor we've heard in a long time. Furthermore "Drunk" enters hypercompressed bass territories reminiscent of Neil Landstrumm's dabblings in Bass Music or even early works by the likes of Eprom, the subsequent "Bridge" fuses this approach with elements of Future Tribal, even heavier bass and a beauteous take on melancholia before the spatial, rather cosmic "Ballon" tackles the vastness of the universe vibewise and "Demode" fuses cascading (Neo)Cosmic synths with a widescreen cinematic SynthPop x Leftfield Pop attitude built upon an airy Downbeat foundation for a change. With "Transistor" we see BJM Mario Bajardi following a path of deep, chiming and mostly meditative Electronica x ChillOut , "K7" presents itself as a lively, yet enchanted and theatrical cut sporting a certain vintage aesthetic soundwise whereas "Scraping" fully enters the realm of Synth x (Neo)Cosmic and the concluding "Elogio Alla Folia" fuses thrilling Bass Music and multilayered Leftfield Pop for a spine-tingling closing. Proper space music, this. Get.

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