Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Colin Stetson - Chimaera I [Room40 Promo]

Another fresh one released via the ever active Australian imprint Room40 is Colin Stetson's "Chimaera I" which hit the shelves on November 11th, 2k22. Comprised of two extended pieces, "Orthrus" and "Cerberus" alongside their respective so-called 'Reduction' variants, Stetson's new album tackles the droning possibilities, and extremes, of the saxophone as his instrument of choice, resulting in a glacial, reverberating and low end-focused stream of sound, paired with eerie, outerworldy ghost choirs and a buzzing, flickering deadness given of by halfway functional neon lights shining over the hostile atmosphere of some long time abandoned deep space outpost, a place where emaciated metal space spiders creep, unfathomable voids lurk and icey geysirs cover entire planetary regions in swaths of methane mist, providing a shimmering, yet deadly atmosphere only dimly lit by the rays of a twin star system at the center of a galaxy far far away. This being said, if you need the score for a dystopian space epos in your Ambient x DarkAmbient vinyl collection this one is an album to add for a reason. Excellent stuff.


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