Saturday, January 07, 2023

ErikM & Hanatsumiroir - Echoplasme [Bisou Records 017]

New on Bisou Records is "Echoplasme", the November 2k22-released album collaboration created by ErikM and the Hanatsumiroir ensemble which are rolling out their shared sonic narrative over the course of roughly 40 minutes and a total of 13 pieces on this longplayer which is basically comprised of a minimalist interplay of contrabass, flute, electronics, percussions, fragmented Field Recordings and occasional vocal bits falling together in a dark'ish, haunted and eerie manner, providing a feel of unease whilst shifting the listeners senses into high alert mode with warped and warbled voices - check especially "Kurai - Sombre - Loop", "Yamauba" and "Kowaikoto - Chose Effrayante" for spine tingling examples here - , undefined scrapings, clangings and danger heralding atmospheres, partially touching base with DarkAmbient whilst cuts like "Yama-uba" provide more of a fever'ish, primordial melange of the highest intensity and the final cut that is "Arikoda" rounds things up on a calmer, Ambient-informed, yet not necessarily fully comforting sonic tip. Defo one well suitable sonic backdrop for spooky campfire ghost stories or hours spent reading blood-curdling books of ancient origin. Recommended.


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