Thursday, January 12, 2023

Kiki Bohemia & Sicker Man - Waiting For Wood [Blankrecords 035 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via Blankrecords on November 11th, 2k22 is "Waiting For Wood", the roughly 23 minutes spanning four track debut EP conceived by Kiki Bohemia and Sicker Man. Having crossed paths on a regular since 2006 when they first started to work on various live- or installation-focused joint ventures the duo opens the first official release with "Unfold", a dramatic take on washed out, amorphous, slightly off-kilter Ambient backed by fever'ish ritualistic drums buried deep within the mix and garnished with echoes of a Shoegaze x Drone Metal sensibility whereas the subsequent "Rumpy Riser" provides panoramic, emotional soundscapes and a certain Morricone'esque Giallo-feel paired with a more contemporary (Neo)Cosmic x Synth approach expertly crafted as a touching soundtrack for psychedelia-induced journeys into one's inner core. Furthermore "I Saw You Kiss The Lion's Ass" picks up on a similar note, yet drifts into a scenic fusion of enchanted Ambient and (Neo)Classical-leaning sequences before the closing cut named "Hissy Fit" is a rather yearning, deeply longing affair, sonically depicting the innate loneliness of a giant primordial space creature, drifting through dense galactic nebulae for aeons, always in search of companionship despite being the very last - and lost - of its kind. This is a trip.


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