Monday, January 09, 2023

Society Of Putting Things On Top Of Other Things - Game Changers [Umland Records 052]

Put out via the ever busy Essen-based imprint that is Umland Records on October 20th, 2k22 is "Game Changers", the first ever album by the Society Of Putting Things On Top Of Other Things which in fact is a multi-artist conglomerate comprised of Julia Brüssel, Florian Walter, Jan Klare, Maria Trautmann, Oliver Siegel and Achim Zepezauer. Following a multi-disciplinatory approach which combines the theoretical x scientific x academic aspect of musicology and an array of commissioned compositions exchanged within the multi-faceted group the ensembles firstling results in a total of ten - game changing ? - pieces rolled out over the course of roughly 48 minutes which are providing a wide ranging musical ark including a highly dynamic arrangement of multi-layered Jazz pulses in "Umland ECM" whereas the tender, yearning and carefully arranged, seemingly tempo changing textures of "Siedler" showcase a certain innate melancholia as well as an interesting take on retro-futurism when it comes to additional electronic, probably electro-acoustic or modular blips and bloops buried deep within the tunes background whereas "Paraletto" brings forth a playful, friendly and well curious Jazz attitude slowly drifting off into almost Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical realms, "Hoch 6" starts out on a climaxing brass drone tip before fully turning towards buzzing, hyper detailed Modern Classical meets Jazz aesthetics and back whilst the final, and well extended, cut interestingly named "Umdorfung" opens on a short Spoken Word excursion before exploring spine-tingling, nocturnal Jazz Noir realms and minimalist soundscapes garnished with more vocal cut ups and abstractions which, especially for the final sequence, turns out to be our favorite piece on this album. Interesting.

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