Thursday, January 19, 2023

Diminished Men - Damage Mecanique [2182 Recordings Company Promo]

Released via 2182 Recording Company on December 2nd, 2k22 is "Damage Mecanique", the latest full length album by the now trio that is Diminished Men who've been releasing their longplay debut all the way back in 2005. Now back with a new ten tracks and 47 minutes spanning album the Seattle-based trio, which gets a little additional percussion support by Gregg Keplinger on the closing cut "Spy", provides a complex and well muscular ride through trippy and unique instrumental cuts from the get go with especially "Wet Moon" sticking out due to its slightly stripped down and well dubbed out Psychedelia-approach slightly reminiscent of Vivien Goldman whereas the subsequent "Industry Standards" seem to be taken off the chiming (Neo)Cosmic score to some highly trippy retrofuturist and over the top space flic from the 70s, "Panopticon" fuses buzzing alarm signals with dystopian PostRock brutalisms and edgy Psychedelic Surf Rock energy, "Axial Tremors" comes down to an epic electric guitar solo accompanied by thundering beats before "The Five Agents" tap into noir'esque Dope Beat x Chemical Beats action and "A.E.", probably our favorite cut on this longplayer, presents a quasi-Tarantino'esque take on spine-tingling, hounded Desert Rock just to name a few. Good stuff.


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