Tuesday, January 17, 2023

In Situ Ens. - Same Place [Cubus Records 377]

Released via the Bern-based avantgarde imprint Cubus Records on November 5th, 2k22 is "Same Place", the five compositions and 59 minutes spanning album release by the multinational six piece ensemble that is In Situ Ens.. Focusing on an electro-acoustic approach towards sonic exploration and impromptu creation of sonic landscapes the group presents a selection of highly detailed, buzzing, yet tender and multilayered textural arrangements of seemingly random, yet randomly structured sounds which evoke the feeling of the listener being somewhat of a passerby, only getting a quick auditory glimpse of a way bigger, somehow unfathomable scenario which includes sprinkles of jazzy piano ("9:18") as well as microtonal brass instruments, undefined sweeps and yearning, isolated tones whilst moving forward towards brittle drones and clanging metal pieces in "9:50" and even touching base with echoes of Post-PostRock and spine-tingling, yet comforting nocturnal ambience almost fading away to near-silence in the albums extended 20+ minutes main piece that is "24:33" before the concluding "8:02" erupts into semi Industrial-leaning Improv madness just to provide a very rough layout of what is to expect when entering the "Same Place" as In Situ Ens..

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