Monday, January 16, 2023

The Green Kingdom - Voyager [Sound In Silence 096]

Released via the Greek Ambient x Deep Listening Music staple that is Sound In Silence Records on December 12th, 2k22 is "Voyager", the latest album outing by Michigan's Michael Cottone a.k.a. The Green Kingdom which in total is his third album recorded for the imprint. Venturing between soundscape and structure as the accompanying press sheet puts it Mr. Cottone caters a roughly 43 minutes spanning menu of twelve tracks in total which perfectly fall into the realm Sound In Silence occupies from the very first opening moments of "Geomancy" onwards which provides a landscape of lush, elegic strings and atmospheres alongside beautifully plucked guitars and subtle rhythms, followed by the calm and organic Indietronica x PostRock x ChillOut vibes of the "Uncanny Valley" which makes up for a perfect soundtrack for balearic sunset sessions. With "Gong's Lament" we're entering a slightly more ritualistic and meditative territory soundwise, the "Astral Companion" turns out to be the most friendly and caring Ambient being ever around whereas "Voyager" dabbles in calm, nocturnal minimimalism for a second before progressing into warm, romantic and admittedly slighty kitsch-y PianoAmbient for lovers, the "Sleepy Star" is as tender and nocturnal as its title might suggest whereas "Invinsible Oceans" ventures off into a certain instrumental song quality one might rather associate with the 80s than a contemporary release. Furthermore "Floating Islands" might give off the deepest, most classical Ambient vibe with its soft and tender pad pulses, "Perpetua" brings forth intimate, inward-looking and somewhat twangy guitar etudes and the closing "Glacierscape" once again drifts off into comforting Piano Ambient melancholia just to name a few. Defo a well suitable Sound In Silence Records release, this, even though it might be a little too sweet and sugary around the edges to enter the top tier of the labels catalogue.


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