Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Spill - Mycelium [Corvo Records 022]

Released via the Berlin-based avantgarde imprint Corvo Records on October 9th, 2k22 is "Mycelium", the latest full length album release by Magda Mayas and Tony Buck under their shared musical alias that is Spill. Having developed their joined artistic approach over the course of two decades the duo caters a roughly 43 minutes spanning journey, presenting a total of four new compositions which further explore their musical angle on piano and drums whilst branching out towards other instruments as well. The result is a stripped down, deeply nocturnal, somewhat minimal DarkJazz leaning atmosphere in the albums main opening cut "Aerate" which slightly exceeds the 23+ minutes mark, catering an array of sparse and floating piano threads of growing intensity rolled out over a complex, brooding rhythmic fundation whilst the subsequent "Pure", even though employing a similar approach, seems to lend itself more to the taste of Dark Ambient than DarkJazz lovers. Furthermore "Patina" brings forth a calming, comforting and certainly more melodic take on Minimal FutureJazz whereas the concluding "Residue" loses itself in well romantic piano etudes, perfectly rounding off this journey on a peaceful and dreamy tip.


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