Sunday, January 01, 2023

baze.djunkiii Charts 01/2k23

01. Various Artists - Boy Records: Timeless Technology 1988 - 1991 [Mecanica 036]
What a massive flashback this 4xLP compilation set provides. The Polish label Mecanica takes on the back catalogue of the seminal Bad Kreuznach-based imprint Boy Records - probably one of the most influential labels in terms of early German Techno, NuBeat, Agreppo, Proto-Rave and everything in between - and condenses it down into a 24 track strong best of x all star setting, covering the labels formative years from 1988 to 1991 and therefore making this one a must have for everyone interested in the history and development of electronic club music in Germany featuring essential cuts like Hypnopedia "Hypnopedia *The Hypnotic Mix", Cybex Factor "Die Schöpfung", Deep Thought "Jugendklang", Intact "Acts Of Sensation", Time Modem "Werkzeug Eines Fernen Willens", New Scene "Tonight" and many more which rocked both Industrial- / EBM-leaning as well as emerging Techno-dancefloors at the time of their initial release and inception and are still able to send shivers down our spine more than 30 years later. A killer trip down memory lane.

02. We Smile - Remixes [Couldn't Care More]
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03. Cucina Povera - Tuhka [Infinite Greyscale 015]
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04. Various Artists - Mischpoke #1: Remix 12" [Hauch Records 023]
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