Sunday, February 19, 2023

Marianne Svasek - Marwa [Thanatosis Produktion 021]

Released on February 3rd, 2k23 via the ever active Swedish imprint that is Thanatosis Produktion is "Marwa", the new one piece album by Dutch artist Marianne Svasek who dedicated her life to studies of Indian, Hindustani and other traditional music from this geographical realm. With "Marwa" Marianne Svasek caters a roughly 37 minutes spanning one track piece, an extended Hindustani Dhrupad Raga performed solely on vocals and two tanpura instruments, one of them played by Vilhelm Bromander. Accompanied by extensive liner notes and remarks on the Raga as a music itself written by Prof. Joep Bor Marianne Svasek's musical performance and execution provides a fascinating insight into the beauty of the genre for avid followers of World Music and Hindustani Classical in particular as well as for fans of Ethno Ambient and Deep Listening Music in general and even for the completely untrained, yet open minded listener in its slow, subtle progression from calm, meandering and time-defying drones accompanied by syllabic vocals to ethereal, a state of trance-inducing all embracing tonal wafts surely able to bring peace to even the busiest and most troubled of minds. Fascinating.

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