Friday, February 17, 2023

Molto Brutto - II [Growing Bin Records 034]

Going back to both the years 2k21 and 1987 simultaneously with this review we're taking a closer look at "II", the aptly named sophomore - and final - album created by the long-time defunct Austrian band outfit Molto Brutto. Originally released on Golfdish Music and re-issued via Hamburg's ever more eclectic Growing Bin Records Molto Brutto are catering a total of ten pieces on this one, exploring a sonic realm surely influenced by the mostly Berlin-based Ingenious Dilettantes movement, including hypnotic lo-fi exercises in quasi Cosmic repetition like the opening cut "Chant", exploring stripped down drum machine rhythms and quirky Synthesizer Funk in the subsequent "Sadman" in which echoes of 1983's Detroit and the music Cybotron seem to be reflected in a certain, and certainly unique, way whereas "Black" fully indulges in deep MinimalWave x Synthwave melancholia, "Time" even provides a surprisingly catchy, yet totally off the beaten path attitude, "Secret Life" serves a spine-tingling Miami crime scene vibe and tension, flickering neon lights and shady alleyways included, and "Go Ahead Goldfish" brings forth a rather extended, almost Blues-infused lo-fi minimalism just to name a few. One for the true connaisseur of advanced experimental underground music re-emerging from the long lost vaults of 80s.

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