Friday, March 31, 2023

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2k23

01. Various Artists - Vidal Benjamin presents Uprooted #1: Vladimir Ivkovic [Versatile Records 135]
This first issue of this highly conceptual 7" compilation series unveils some super rare gems from the early 80s. Whilst the untittled - and previously unreleased - sketch by Rex Ilusivii, Goran Vejvoda and Milan Mladenovic provides a deep, not only slightly psychedelic take on dubbed out Serbian slomo SynthWave the second cut "NBKE" (short for: "Neger Brauchen Keine Elektronik") sees Beate Bartel of Einstürzende Neubauten and Mania D. as and Chrislo Haas of former DAF operate under their CHBB alias which was only available on a series of hyperlimited cassette tapes released in 1981 and brings forth a trippy, yet driving amalgamation of lo-fi Industrial and a greyscale'ish, washed out Ingenious Dilletantes vibe typical for the dystopian Berlin scene of 1981.

02. Andreas Kunzmann - Album [Growing Bin Records 041]
This is a trip. A ten track selection of electronic solo experiments recorded by Molto Brutto's Andreas Kunzmann between 1998 and 2005, picked and selected from a vast archive of still unreleased cuts. Opening with playful SynthWave- X Minimal Wave-leaning Tribal Electronica vibes Andreas Kunz also provides trippy, hypnotic and ever spiralling Intelligent Techno with tunes like "Sputnik Rave", drifts into killer Acid Downbeat with "Sleeping Sunny Day", caters atmospheric and dark'ish Electronica minimalisms and other goodness, including the filtered IDM / ChillOut bang0r "Troubleshooting", for the advanced lover, listener and fan of electronic music. Also include an extra point for the incredible album artwork here.

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