Saturday, April 01, 2023

Francesca Naibo - So Much Time [Ramble Records 108]

Coming in from Australia's Ramble Records these days is "So Much Time", the November 2nd, 2k22 released album outing by Italian guitar improviser Francesa Naibo. Presenting a total of nine brand new cuts rolled out over roughly half an hours playtime the Italian guitarist indulges in the ongoing process of exceeding the sonic, and probably physical, limits of her instrument, employing intense, grinding, plucking and squelching treatments resulting in a rather extreme and violent soundscapes accompanied by her trademark primordial non-vocal vocal techniques oftentimes bordering a sonic framework one would expect to be found in a classic madhouse whereas, oftentimes in stark contrast, tracks also tend to break down into fragile episodes of intimately plucked strings bordering near silence or, in extreme cases like "E Se Poi Te Ne Penti?", even explode into heavy and distorted riff deconstructions which might even resonate with fans of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal before falling apart into granular pieces. Furthermore most dreamy cuts like "Voi La Ricordate Da Piccola, Ma Adesso E Cresciuta" drift into territories oftentimes described as Pop Ambient x Post-PostRock within electronic circles before "Al Mio 3 Spingi" presents itself as a quasi polar opposite with multi-layered off kilter melodies embedded in a maelstrom of braincell crunching feedback Noize and echoes and echoes of ancient ceremonial choirs whereas the dark'ish, introspective "Non Sarebbe Meglio Se Tu Vernissi Al Posto Mio?" arranges a string of singular, slowly fading chords in a most beautiful and romantic manner and therefore might be our favorite composition on this album for a reason, just to name a few.


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