Monday, April 03, 2023

Manuel Mota - XIX [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release on April 21st, 2k23 via the Australian Room40 imprint is "XIX", the latest four track album by Portuguese improvisational guitar player Manuel Mota who's catering a menu of four extended pieces over the course of roughly 35 minutes on this one. Named "Folha 18", "Folha 7", "Folha 19" and "Folha 38" in exactly this specific non-numerical order the four compositions on this longplayer see Moha on a deep and nocturnal, highly explorative tip, turning the sounds originating from his instrument of choice into a ruminant, timeless and steady ebb-and-flow of brooding ambience with a scenic, slightly (Neo)Classical touch with especially "Folha 7" expressing the artists affinity for minimalist composition techniques whereas the off-kilter harmonic progressions in "Folha 19" evoke memories of early Synth / Berlin School before the final cut "Folha 3" finally provides a comforting stream of Dark Ambient melancholia for a closing. Check.


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