Friday, April 07, 2023

Paul Baran - Pan Global Riot [Fang Bomb 030]

Scheduled for release via the Fang Bomb label as their 030 on April 14th, 2k23 is "Pan Global Riot", the latest extended album effort conceived by Scottish composer and electro-acoustic researcher Paul Baran which, over the course of two CD's, 17 pieces and a staggering total of 132 minutes of playtime and alongside a vast array of collaborating and contributing guests, tackles both experimental composition techniques and politics on this longplayer, be it through the combination of the distorted, warbled voice of a Donald Trump speech and cold Industrial sci-fi electronics, through lo-fi P-Funk x KrautDisco outings as well as Modern Classical- and even Opera-informed Ambient pieces, Illbient-infused Piano Downbeat, collage works, dancefloor-oriented Minimal x EBM tracks, abstract Future Tribal miniatures and more, with the deep electroid, yet jazzy "Zero-Sum Game" probably being our personal favorite whereas the chiming, enchanted and hovering "Mandelstam (Speak Truth To Power)" explores the realm of Ambient and Minimal Music over an extended ark of roughly 14 minutes to a spine-tingling effect before "English Pastoral" provides a killer collgae of dreamy pianos, interview footage and Electronica x Phonk beats just to name a few. Quite a monumental and varied release, this one is.

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