Saturday, April 08, 2023

Anthony Tan - Susurrus [Gengseng Records 004]

Put out on the circuit as 004 of the relatively fresh imprint Gengseng Records is "Susurrus", the latest musical outing by Canadian composer Anthony Tan. Released on March 3rd, 2k23 the 25 minutes spanning mini-album contains two new pieces - "Endlessnessnessness" and "Sublime Subliminal Sublimate" -, both derived from the piano and its tonal as well as mechanical sounds as a source, yet transformed, looped and reprocessed to extend the original means of the instrument with "Endlessnessnessness" providing glistening glacial athmospheres and sprinkled singular key notes atop a repetetive rhythm reminiscent of an ongoing train ride, all falling together to a calming, well Ambient x Deep Listening Music leaning effect whereas the lo-fi processing of "Sublime Subliminal Sublimate" brings forth a more dramatic, edgier and in parts even thundering side of Anthony Tan 's musical work, sitting right in between Modern Classical and Indietronica albeit with a brooding and nocturnal Dark Ambient twist. Fascinating.

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