Tuesday, May 16, 2023

häk / Philipp Danzeisen - häk / Danzeisen [Karlrecords 105 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via Karlrecords on April 28th, 2k23 is "häk / Danzeisen", the full length collaboration album debut conceived by Berlin-based producer Bernd Norbert Würtz and Essen-born drummer Philipp Danzeisen. Together, the duo caters a conceptual sonic journey rolled out over a total of four tracks and 38 minutes playtime, combining an acoustic, yet enhanced drum kit with modular synthesizers and self-built electronic devices to create a sensory high-alert situation combining alarming, hyperintense electronic frequencies and eruptive, thundering drum rolls in the opening piece "Aufwärts" whereas the subsequent "Kurve (Part I & II)" follows an even more muscular and more complex, Mathrock x Metal infused path despite being comprised solely of drums and modular bleeps. Furthermore "Abwärts" is upping the intensity game with immensely fast drum roll outbursts announcing a fiery age of doom and apocalypse before turning towards somewhat folkloristic Tribal pulses of yore whilst the closing cut that is "Ungerade" presents a combination of experimental electro-acoustic soundscapes, eerie atmospheres, tectonic drones, defo terrifying and soul eating sound warps as well as heavy Industrial Noize episodes alongside brutal, yet relatively stripped down DoomJazz x Illbient drums and therefore could end up as our favorite composition on this one. Super intense. Not for the faint hearted.


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