Saturday, May 13, 2023

Brad Henkel - Croon [Neither / Nor Records 021]

Released via New York City-based label Neither / Nor Records on March 3rd, 2k23 is "Croon", the first fully flegded full length album outing by Berlin's Brad Henkel, a trumpet player who's appeared on many a release of the course of the past 15+ years or so. Now on a solo tip Henkel presents a total of nine acoustic trumpet pieces rolled out over roughly 43 minutes, starting his journey on a rough and gnarly improv tip with the swirling, highly aggressive opener "Bay" which sets the tone for all Improv / Free Improv things to come, like the subdued microtonal air flows of "Whir", the crooning late night Jazz melancholy of the title track, the eerie, somewhat otherworldy soundscapes bleeding over from the upside down in "Squall" as well as the playful, well balanced FreeJazz exercises in melodic repetition and variation to be found in "Clamor" just to name a few. One for the dedicated and Avantgarde-informed Jazz head, this.

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