Saturday, June 03, 2023

Sarah Albu & Gayle Young - According To The Moon [Farpoint Recordings]

Released via Farpoint Recordings as the labels 088 on May 19th, 2k23 is "According To The Moon", the latest full length collaboration showcase cooked up by long standing composer and musician Gayle Young alongside Montreal's reknowned vocalist Sarah Albu. Realized and recorded with the help of a range of contributing artists and spanning a roughly four decades long timeframe all seven pieces on this 66 minutes spanning album were composed by Gayle Young, starting with the outerworldly and multi-layered non-vocalisms of the title track which transport the listener into an enchanted dreamworld in which time is meaningless and eternal before the "Tea Story" enters a realm of twisted and highly processed experimental vocal utterings, in their flickering, unstable and fluttering nature somewhat reminiscent of the theremin as an instrument whereas "The State Of Corn" presents the first full on (ab)use of actual, yet theatrical and experimentally cut-up, speech on this album, thematically dealing with the subject of , well..., corn in a well abstract and partially cacophonic, yet highly interesting manner whilst the concluding "Ancient Ocean Floor" employs the sound of running water and, further down its 14+ minutes runtime, dramatic and brooding electronic background textures and intense, almost occult vocalizations for a spine-tingling closing just to pick a few. A fascinating hybrid take on Contemporary Classical and experimental avantgarde composition techniques. Recommended.

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