Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Francesco Aroni Vigone - Orbita [We Insist! Records 024]

Put out on the circuit via the Monza-based imprint We Insist! Records on June 21st, 2k23 is "Orbita", a live recordings album conceived and performed by Francesco Aroni Vigona at the ancient Italian church of San Giuliano in Vercelli. Recorded on January 14th, 2k23 the eighteen pieces on this 32 minutes spanning longplayer see the artist on both alto and soprano sax, wandering and walking through the immediate vicinity of the building and its architectural structure whilst ppl actually visit the church for their morning prayers, starting off of a positive and almost playful Jazz note with the opening "In Cammino" whilst the subsequent "Sequenza #6" seems to play around with spiralling repetetions and alternating microphone movements, "Carovana" showcases most beauteous and dreamy melancholia, "In Cammino #2" elevates the positive vibes of the opener even further and might even take grooving Jazz dancefloors by storm despite - like all pieces on this album - being a solo piece for saxophone whereas short pieces like "Marea" add a little swing towards their spatial and crystal clear sound before bits like "Autunno" even provide a glimpse of the longing and highly dramatic spectrum of the saxophone as an instrument just to name a few. Most beautiful, this.

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