Monday, August 28, 2023

Korinthians - A Major Walk [self-released]

Coming in from Belgium only recently was "A Major Walk", the latest, May 25th, 2k23 released album cooked up by the band outfit operating under the musical nom de guerre of Korinthians. Catering a set of nine brand new cuts over the course of roughly 37 minutes total playtime we see the group causing major havoc on Goth-leaning dancefloors from the get-go, starting with the driving, highly seductive Wave x FuturePop crossover cut that is "No Future" followed by dark'ish mid-tempo SynthPop of "The Whimper" and its dramatic, yet a little sharp synth cascades and longing guitar solos whereas "The Leader Of The Night" brings forth hard hitting snares and a well catchy, synth-driven PostPunk attitude before "Wake Me Up" even dabbles with what could be described as Industrial Rock infusions to be found within the tunes wall-of-sound PostPunk x Wave recipe and "Normal Lives For Normal People" is rounding things off with another round of floating FuturePop for a closing just to name a few. One to check out for dedicated creatures of the night.


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