Saturday, December 09, 2023

Pablo Diserens & The Ocean Comm/uni/ty - Upstream Ensemble [Forms Of Minutiae 009 Promo]

Scheduled for release on December 8th, 2k23 via the Forms Of Minutiae label as a limited to 100 copies cassette tape edition is "Upstream Ensemble", the latest album conceived by Berlin-based artist x field recordist Pablo Diserens who - alongside and with the help of a wide plethora of contributors here referred to as The Ocean Comm/uni/ty - is diving deep into the practice of aquatic and subaquatic listening with this one. Spread over the course of roughly 30 minutes the sole composition that makes up the entire album, and repeats on the A- and B-side of the cassette tape, is an intricately woven, stitched, arranged and layered collage of Field Recordings captured in a wide variety of aquatic environments from thawing glaciers to open oceans, rivers and others, a deep sea journey capturing breaking waves, subaquatic movements, underwater wildlife and bird song, bass-heavy drones, a large scale of microsounds, gaseous bubbles as well as thunderstorms, rain fall, clicking echo location sounds and, inevitably, oftentimes unidentifiable sounds created by artificial, and therefore human, sources which are travelling in and around global waters at every given minute in time these days. A fascinating journey not only for Field Recording enthusiasts but also for fans and followers of the conceptual Electro project that is Drexciya even though there is not one single beat to be found on this one. Go check.


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