Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Manuel Mota - Isocele [Headlights 039]

Coming in from Portugal recently is "Isocele", the latest full length release by guitarist x composer and Headlights head honcho Manuel Mota. Put out on the circuit on November 17th, 2k23 the roughly 40 minutes spanning longplay piece features three subsequently numbered variations on "Isocele" which were recorded on October 10th, June 8th and July 9th of 2k23 in this respective order. Opening with "Isocele 1" Manuel Mota sets course towards a sonic realm of glistening, timeless and slightly outerworldly Ambient sounds of large scale panoramic qualities whereas "Isocele 2" presents a fusion of brittle and slightly frosty exoplanetary atmospheres ripe with toxic fumes, tectonic Dark Ambient movements and brooding, intense feedbacks whilst the final cut that is "Isocele 3" turns out to be the most sensual, intimate and inward looking composition on this album, bringing forth time-dissolving cosmic beauty for preferrably nocturnal headphone listening. Go check!


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