Monday, December 11, 2023

Pelaya Arrizabalaga & Eli Gras - Arido [La Olla Express 034]

Released via La Olla Express on December 9th, 2k23 is "Aridos", the second duo collaboration album conceived by Pelayo Arrizabalaga and Eli Gras - an astounding 11 years after their joint venture debut "Duplicat" on the same label. Together, over the course of nine compositions and a total runtime of 43 minutes, they deploy a musical set up consisting of record players, electronics, undefined sound engines as well as traditional instruments like clarinet and electric guitar to shape and create a sonic landscape defined by layers upon layers of crackly loops and locked grooves as a rhythmic, yet monotonous foundation for longing Jazz improvisations and raw, droning late night melancholia, nocturnal atmospheric ambiance ("Grava Tecnica"), twisted, somewhat scientific Electronica outings in combination with what seem to be FoundSounds ("Agua Negra"), shimmering, cascading electroacoustic fountains and chirping signals, spatial and spine-tingling collage works ("Mapa De Aires"), the surprising scratch and cut-up excess that is "Turbio" and the stripped down, well retrofuturistic blips and bleeps of "Maldon" just to name a few. A thrilling, highly recommended journey for all fans of Avantgarde and Deep Listening Music, this.

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