Sunday, March 31, 2024

Yürke - Not Available [Hauch Records 032]

Put out on the circuit by the Düsseldorf-based Hauch Records imprint on November 17th, 2k23 is "Not Available", the six tracks spanning vinyl debut by German producer Stefan Jürke a.k.a. Yürke. Issued as a limited to 200 copies split into two pressing variants on standard black as well as a purple vinyl edition we see the producer enter the world of classic, surely 90s infused Electronica x IDM with the opening track "Slither" and its spatial polyrhythms and deep atmospheric layers which evoke faint memories of early works by The Future Sound Of London whereas the subsequent "Readiediedie" caters more panoramic atmospheres and brooding drones, yet this time accompanied by heavy, sluggish, almost Industrial-leaning Illbient beat structures as well as swathes of hostile Noize before "Tiny Blarge" provides a split journey with its extended intro bringing forth nocturnal ambience at the lower end of the audible spectrum only to introduce sparse minimalist rhythm signatures throughout the tunes second half. On the flip side the "Quellqualle" takes on crackly Post-BrokenTechno with a brooding, tectonic, rumbling and slightly dubbed out edge followed by the intricately structured Dubtronica approach of "Mutual Motif" before the "Qualquelle" introduces not only a cheeky and playful take on the German language but also also a stripped down fusion between raw and dry Electronica and echoes of echoes of echoes of Rhythm Industrial influences whilst the final cut that is "Rephon" provides closure with a final journey into the deepest realms of Electronica Dub. Quite a nice and nicely varied one, this.


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