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baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2k24

01. Xmal Deutschland - Early Singles 1981 - 1982 [Sacred Bones Records]
This is essential. A collection of eight rare cuts from the early days of Hamburg's famed Goth x PostPunk pioneers Xmal Deutschland, assembled from their first singles, live recordings and overlooked compilation tracks. Still powerful and captiviating as they've been in the days of their inception songs like "Schwarze Welt", the Minimal PostPunk affair "Die Wolken", their haunting infamous hit "Incubus Succubus" as well as the whirlwind of a dancefloor filler that is "Allein - Live" are, amongst all others, important staples in not only German Goth history and therefore well deserve a space in the collection of every dark-clad creature of the night.

02. Qbass - Hardcore Will Never Die *The Remixes [Suburban Base Records 100]
"Hardcore Will Never Die" with its larger than life ''re inside the biggest rave on earth...' vocal sample is a most beloved anthem amongst all fans and followers of Breakbeat x UK Hardcore culture and the Suburban Base camp caters a massive homage to this seminal 1991 classic as they're entering the three digit realm in terms of catalogue numbers. Put out on the circuit as a triple 12" set with one of them coming as a picture disc special this quasi-abum caters not only an unreleased mix cooked up by the man Qbass himself but also a plethora of remixes provided by legends like Adamski, Billy Daniel Bunter, Leroy Thornhill of The Prodigy fame, Bizzy B, The Freestyler's Aston and many others, providing their individual angle and take on this major classic which are about to be embraced by DJs and punters from all tribes of the Breakbeat Hardcore spectrum and way beyond.

03. Nitro Deluxe - This Brutal House [Toolroom Records]
The return of a major 1988 AcidHouse / Bleep classic which once again is made available again for a new audience via the Toolroom Records camp, this time coming at us on die-cut sawtooth vinyl (!!!) and backed by a percussive, rollin' and somewhat Latin-infused House Music rework pieced together by Mark Knight for contemporary crowds and pumping late night ecstasy. Lovely.

04. Mella Dee - Rug Cutters [Warehouse Music 022]
Mella Dee is back on his very own Warehouse Music imprint and once again he serves nothing but quality. Whilst the two Speedgarage X Bassline bang0rz on the A-side provide heat for heaving peaktime floors with their driving beats and distinct vocal cut-ups especially the B1 cut "Cutters (The Don't Get It)" indulges in dark, muffled and slightly distorted Broken Beat x Dark Garage x Sublow fusion swing beats for advanced DJs and late night crowds. Good stuff.

05. Sound Synthesis - Electrical Synapses EP [Amentec 006]
Sound Synthesis caters nothing but goodness on the trusted Amentec label. With two original tunes on the A-side the project brings forth masterfully crafted playful Electro x IDM x Braindance vibes with added Breakbeat-infusions for dancefloors deep in late night trance whereas the remixes on the flip, produced by Cridge & Powder as well as Tone Def respectively, bring forth a captivating, well uplifting Jungle x Happy Breakbeat fusion as well as a rolling Breakbeat workout garnished with epic fluttering synths and large scale panorama pads. Lovely.

06. Felix Karl Raeithel - Dance With Uncertainty [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]
Felix Karl Raithel, also known as Istari Lasterfahrer to many a fan of DarkJungle and Breakcore, explores the sphere of modular synthesis and so-called Buchla bongos over the course of an entire, a total of sixteen tracks spanning album. The result of these extensive studies is a journey into oftentimes playful, frolicking and uplifting Electronica structures as well as traces of spaced out Library x Production Music with absolutely no restriction on the course of its sonic experimentation. This is a trip for the advanced connaisseur of electronic music.

07. Computer Station - Froggystyle EP [Studio Barnhus 095]
Sometimes I feel the Studio Barnhus label is at its best when it's also at its weirdest and most experimental x out there. Computer Station presents a selection of cuts probably best described as Novelty TribeTekno, spiked with with quirky vintage computer game samples, 8-bit melodies, tinny Breakbeat-infusions and an overall muffled lo-fi aesthetic reminiscent of late 90s / early 2000s productions cooked up in makeshift home studios by the likes of Ixindamix and other producers related to the travelling underground teknival scene at the time. I don't know what the target audience for this record might be in 2k24 but it is an incredibly fun and amusing one. Wonky!

08. Bernard Badie - Talkin' Bout [Mojuba 033]
The Mojuba label brings forth a new four track serving of pumping quality House and DeepHouse cuts, this time arranged and produced by Chicago's Bernard Badie who sort of pays homage to the cities HipHouse history with the subdued stab sequence featured in "Talkin' 'Bout" whilst "Open Up (Remastered)" even touches base with late night Beatdown x SlowHouse for a change.

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