Friday, May 31, 2024

Desolat - Get Sick And Let Me Watch Yo Die [Reptilian Records 168]

They are back. The Austrian Sludge x Doom Metal x Hardcore staple that is Desolat is at it again, firing straight at worldwide moshpits with their new album to be released via the US-based Reptilian Records imprint. Scheduled for June 14th, 2k24 the new vinyl serving cooked up by the 2018 founded band outfit caters not only a well excellent title choice being named "Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die" but also an eight track showcase of Desolat's grim musical power. Opening with the gritty, relatively slow, almost earthy and DesertRock-leaning powerhouse of "Doomsday Clock" the trio paves the way for heavy things to come, like the 80s-infused despair and vintage Punk aggression innate to the subsequent "Time For Darkness" which finds its continuation in "Pregnant Meth Addict With Cancer", a tune we could easily see used and abused in contemporary skateboarding videos due to its raw energy, whilst "Two Elderly Brothers Killed A Young Mother" pairs the bands raw Sludge rollercoaster with a certain, probably even Psychedelia-infused grittyness, turning the tune into a whirling maelstrom taking everything and everyone down into a mental abyss, turning every single colour blood red. Furthermore the flipside opens with the cheekily named "Great White Northern Shitlicker" which brings forth the darkest, most doomed and most apocalyptic vibe on this album with its intense riffing, muscular drums and unusual Spoken Word-resembling vocals, "This Band Is Your Yoga" turns festival crowds - and guru-led gyms! - into high octane moshpits within seconds before "Central European Nihilist Arrogance" steps down tempowise, yet destroys headbanging crowds with heavy riffs as well as a surprisingly melodic guitar solo part emerging from a wall of sound right before the tunes breakdown whilst the so-called "(Gin) Tonic Youth" seems to be the track gravitating most towards classic Rock x Metal territories for a closing. Quite a glorious longplay piece, this album is. And probably quite a force to experience live on stage as well.


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