Wednesday, July 06, 2005

08.07.2005: Zeitverschiebung @ U Bar / Hamburg

DJ SLIDER [Lifeline Promotions / Bremen]
BAZE.DJUNKIII [Intrauterin Recordings]
BEESIDE [Phatlinaz / Hamburg]
LAKIN [Phatlinaz / Hamburg]
SYLVANA [Phatlinaz / Bremen]
MC STROPHARIA [Junglistic Scientists / Bremen]

U Bar
Schulterblatt / Ecke Nagelsallee
Hamburg / Germany
doors: 10 pm
free until 11 pm / 6,- EU after 11 pm

It's been a while since I've been rinsin' a pure Drum'n'bass selection for the Hamburg massive - club- and radiowise that is - so if you're hangin' out in town and into the dark side of Drum'n'Bass just drop by and get your brain washed from 02.30 am onwards as this is my scheduled time to step on stage. Prepared my selection yet as I'll be too busy to do in the next days and it's gonna be baaaad... 'eavy dubplate rotation to expect. I'm also curious what Slider is going to drop as I never 'eard him in a club context before, so there'll be a bit more on that right after the show.

For all those who haven't been to U Bar before and wonder how to get there it is not on the "Schanzen"-side of Schulterblatt! You have to cross the Max-Brauer-Allee at Bar Rossi and go straight ahead for a few hundred meters until Schulterblatt becomes Eimsbüttler Chaussee. To the left is Nagelsallee then and here you are...


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