Sunday, July 10, 2005

11.07.2005 "Montags: Permafrost" @ Komet / Hamburg

Turntables: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

File under: Postrock, Experimental Electronics & Advanced Ambient

Komet - Erichstrasse 31 - Hamburg St. Pauli / Germany

doors: 10 pm

Another one to watch out for. Komet is a small bar originally located @ Gerhardstrasse in Hamburg and now moved just round the corner to a bigger venue. First time I've attended that place must have been somewhen before I even moved to Hamburg in 1997 and since then I used to hang around every now and then. Also I've been playing some funny sets there which were basically more obscure and weirdo stuff - playing records one after another, diggin' the crates for funny or novelty discs. "Montags: Permafrost" will be a bit like that, too - a mixture of what has been done musicwise in my former radioshow "Die Nachtschwestern" and the former clubnight "Die Gesellschaft Ist Krank" which I installed in a venue called Lunacy in 1998 and - after a longer break - also took place at Hamburg's Astrastube for a while.

The Zeitverschiebung-event - did I translate that as Timewarp before? - on Friday was fine. Although it wasn't packed at all there seemed to be more people than at the first party which I didn't attend at all but heard about a small audience. People were dropping in in small groups from the very beginning and slowly started moving while Sylvana & Lakin did a quite liquid and funky warm-up. When Slider took over he dropped a few funky tunes, too, but quickly moved into Clownstep and mass appeal mainstream Drum'n'Bass which he also includes in his rave sets. With this it's like love it or leave it and as I never was the one to be into classic JumpUp one can guess that the nu skool of JumpUp does not mean a thing to me at all. I can't help it, it's just not my style. Quite happy to change musical directions I opened my set with Mas I Mas Soundsystem's "Dune D'n'B RMX" followed by Giana Brotherz' "The Float" on Incubation Records which is one of my favorite 2004 releases. Of course the new releases of Digital Terrorists Rec. and No!Breaks Records proved expected dancefloor qualities as well as a bunch of dubz from the Intransigent-stable did serious dancefloor destruction. Unpacking my records after arrival at my place in the morning I realised that there wasn't - apart from Goldie's "Say You Love Me" and two tracks of Bizzy B.'s "Science E.P. Vol. IV" - any UK-Drum'n'Bass included in my set at all. A good thing that is as it shows there's things happening & steadily growing independent from the so-called D'n'B-capital.

BigUp to Beeside & kru for setting up this show and shoutz to Moskau, Daniel & Missy "Kebap Thief"...


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