Friday, July 15, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 6

It's been a busy week due to the arrival of the new Intrauterin Recordings-release, so there's been less time for blogging. In-store date for Sascha Müller's "Travelbox / 19 [Intrauterin Recordings 005]" is approximately next week as the first records are shipped to german distributors. Watch out for Sascha's lovely little limited, stamped 7"-labeldebut on marbled vinyl and get hold of a copy quickly if you're up for dancefloor impacting Electro/Acid crossbreeds.

The week before last I received a bunch of records from the Poker Flat-headquarters which I've been checking out shortly but not reviewing properly until now...

Traffic Signs is - although it has never been announced officially - a secret subbranch of Steve Bug's main labels and has been coming up with massive dancefloor anthems on each of its former releases. Putting out one massive record a year is a great concept, keeping things anonymous is as well and so there's no information about who is responsible for the two tracks on Traffic Signs 004. "Infiltrate" is the one to never leave my crates again, building a whole track around a short vocal snippet saying - guess what? - "Infiltrate" and keeping things very very minimal and stripped down to the bone. But still it is quite funky in a sense of DBX's "I'm losing control" represents a special kind of funk in Techno. "Hold It" on the flip is minimal as well but with a slightly acidic feel. There's no characteristic 303 knob twiddling found here but it's still jacking to the max and features a great breakdown. Boom!

Dessous Recordings usually aims for the DeepHouse-crowd and early morning grooves in hot steamy clubs but makes an exception with its 54th 12" that hits the clubs right now. Phonique's "Weapon" is a hypnotic dancefloor weapon indeed. A ruff bassline and dirty metallic hooks cause similar brain destruction make you wanna dance, dance, dance... It's like in the good old days again when people experienced Techno and Housemusic as pure body music and gave a fuck about any intellectual talk at all. "A Walk In The Club" on B1 is playing around with a funny ever changing bassline and some oldskool vox snippet here and then which might be recognized by AcidHouse-veterans as part of their early dancefloor days. B2 is another version of "Weapon" - still ruff and I wouldn't be surprised if there has been some E involved in the production process as the sounddesign of the hook goes back to the ecstatic happiness of early chemical driven rave days.

On Poker Flat Recordings there are two new 12"es these days.
PFR58 is "Tracks From The Lab" by Märtini Brös., a double A-side with fresh material. "Darkroom" is heavily pumping house with a short anthemic breakdown plus the quite cool vocal sample "Computer games don't affect kids. I Mean, if Pacman affected us as kids we'd be running around in dark rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music". Well, I neither have been into gaming nor chemz anyway, but still I prefer darkness - not darkrooms! - and repetitive structures... guess something has gone wrong here. "Joystick" on the flip is what I'd call a contemporary relaunch of AcidHouse. Positive minimalism, twirking and squeezing sounds, hypnotizing. Some deep strings as well. Nice one.

On PFR59 it is Martin Landsky's turn to tear up the dancefloor with another jackin' 12" influenced by the oldskool vibe of Chicago House. His last release on Poker Flat called "FM Safari" was a bit deeper than this current workout is, but no matter if either "Back (Go for The)" or "I Can't get Up" is your fav on his new single - pure dancefloor satisfaction is granted.


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