Saturday, November 19, 2005

Grime r_port vol. 6

Roll Deep's new 12" is out on Relentless now. "Shake A Leg" featured as A1 track is commercial cheese and not worth to be played out anyway - can't think of any reason why they put this out , while "One Foot" on A2 aims for the Dancehall / Reggaeton massive. Not my cup of tea, but I think they'll go for it. The one to go for is "Heat Up (Danny Weed & Target Remix)" on the flip which is featured as full vocal version as well as instrumental riddim. Massive Eski Beats to be found here that surely make you banging your head, a spooky athmospheric sci-fi hook sticking in your ear for ages plus anthemic lyrics provided by Jet Le, Breeze, Scratchy, Trim and Flow Dan.

Dexplicit's DXP Recordings have been releasing 005 recently which is Dexplicit's RMX of "Pull Up Dat" featuring Ribz, Flirta D, Napper and Shizzle on vocal duty. Once again this is a kind hectic, military riddim with anthemic strings and all that special ingredients tearing up any kind of dancefloor. You've been appreciating DXP's "The Real Hench E.P." as well as Slew Dem's "Phantom Of The Opera" Riddim? Yes? Make sure to watch out for this one, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

which club plays grime in germany. if u name me one, i promise to attend this event with at least 15 people.

10:39 AM  

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