Friday, November 18, 2005

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt.6

It's been a while since I've been losing a few lines on HipHop, but there's still releases that shouldn't be missed - two of 'em were sittin' in my P.O. Box lately.

Shady Records' puttin' out Eminem's new single "When I'm Gone" on promo circuit these days - a minimalistic, slow, pathetic tune with great moody string backing and Mr. Slim Shady tellin' a story about relationship trouble, hard famiy life especially regarding his wee daughter, that came up due to being a so called pop star. No matter if that's a true story or even made up - this one shows that there's someone seriously thinking about what goes on in his life and if this all makes sense so I would not be that surprised if the rumours about Em's next album being his last one finally become true. For all vocal haters - try the instrumental which smoothly goes along some moody TripHop/Downbeat-stuff.

Due for release on dec. 25th is "Paradise", the second single to be taken off the recent Stereo MC's album, delivering the same kind of laid back, funk-driven attitude we all loved their somewhen-in-the-90's hit "Connected" for. Oldskool but still rockin' the nation although it should have been released during the summer... It's fuckin' frosty right now - wrong season for chilled basketball afternoons and booming ghettoblasters. On the flip there's another two remixes by Paul Daley, transferring the vocals onto a driving ElectroHouse-tune. Neither a new idea nor the best track produced ever since but surely to move some dancefloors apart from a pure HipHop context of which the Stereo's always stood out from no matter what they did.


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