Thursday, March 02, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 28

Sascha Müller's "Natural - Friends Remixed" which is 016z on Imp Artists is the last part of a series of three including two albums ( 016x & 016y) plus a remix single to be released on the label these days featuring three versions of his tune "Green Meadow". While ORG's rework of the first mentioned track fuses Electronica with Drum'n'Bass-elements, eVADE comes up with a deep, kinda oldskool flavored Ambient-/ChillOut-mix which will be appreciated by those used to spin tunes in ChillOut-floors or those being addicted to classic HR3 SpaceNight video-loops as well. eVADE's remix of "Blue Sky", which is also included here, starts out ambient'ish as well but later on seems to refer to some harmonic structures of classical music. Finally Bernd Spring, head of Dhyana Records, delivers the last and most obscure "Green Meadow" rework here including some really weird, sampled dog sounds. If you like Dhyana Records, you're about to like his remix, too.

Muto Records, sister-label of Hamburg-based Lounge Records, announced that the new Strike Boys 12" "Hot" is to be released soon. The Original Version is a mixture of TechHouse-elements and funky Breaks, including some vox samples plus a really driving, slightly acidic signal that's meant to drive dancefloor crowd's crazy. On the flip there's a Super Style Deluxe-remix to be found which is more on the Nuskoolbreaks-side of things and recommended to lovers of slightly nervous, bleepy and hyperactive bassline sounds.

Destination Recordings is a fresh Drum'n'Bass-imprint founded by Hamburg-based artists Homebass & Sahara which team up productionswise under the Euphoria-moniker. "Thought Control" on the A-side is a solid, storming tune that uses a whole lot of ravey stabs similar to those that caused dancefloor extasy around 2k/2k1 when labels like Aquasky's Sonix or Incident went through their first heyday plus Sahara's characteristic and highly recognisable vox. A tune which clearly holds the potential to be massive, but might be a bit annoying if played out too often which means more than once throughout a night due to it's hit-orientation. "Chaos Rave" on the flip tries to fuse kinda stop-and-go-beats, deepness, a few trancey-influences and massive basslines which is imho a bit too much of mixing up things within one track, so it loses focus a bit and seems to go nowhere. Might be working as a late night tool, but I'm not too sure if this gonna work out for me.


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