Sunday, April 23, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 10

Related Distributions is a relatively fresh outlet on the Grime circuit which has two releases out so far.
Cat.No. 001 is a same titled 12" by Trim'n'Scratch which introduce theirselves with a dark bassheavy Halfstep-tune on this label. The instrumental cut is featured on the A-side while the vocal cut sits on the flip, revealing loads of energy, setting the roof on fire within less than the first 16 bars. Get it quick!
Cat.No.002 sees Trim & Roachee's "Pen & Paper" rolling on quite relaxed and dubby beat structures perfectly fusing pure underground Grime-attitude and chorus aiming towards major stations when it comes to airplay success without losing focus or even selling out. Although this tune might not be the one to play out during primetime hours it starts to grow and grow when listened to regularly. U & I's "Quality Control" is more banging on a classic Oldskool HipHop tempo - a musical roll call for all b-boys / breakers out there to enter the floor and start cirlce business again.

Footsie's new double A-side 12" is out on Dirtee Stank Recordings and features his tunes "Scars (RMX)" and "Dirtee Skankin". While "Scars (RMX)" is a slow, dark'ish Halfstep tune accompanied by ringtone-quality psycho basslines (how do they get all those sounds out of fruity btw???), "Dirtee Skankin" is more kind of a mover featuring funny processed vocal samples on top of hectic beats, dark anthemic signals, bleepy noises and a massive bassline hook. I bet Slimzee loves this one...


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