Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 31

Revealing no information on artists and/or track titles seems to be hip these days referring to at least two strange 7"es I received from a good friend of mine these days.

First one is a clear vinyl cut of a label Trashwax Records, which I never came across before, which seems to be dedicated to extreme music anyway. Musicwise there's pure HateNoize to be found on the info side, based on harsh guitar feedbacks and extremely distorted human voices shrieking. Intense Madness. Only in the very end athmosphere changes into ambient'ish drones as the feedbacks are only trailing away slowly and, due to this, revealing their true origin. The artwork featured on the logo side makes clear that those responsible for this record are defo dedicated to the dark side as it deals with symbols that can be easily put in a kind of satanistic context while the music is on an unbelievably slow and creeping instrumental Expanded Doom Metal tip. Keep away from children!

The other one is a white label 7" on excellent white vinyl and reveals nothing but its matrix number which is IDEAL 26. Two tracks to be found on side A - number one is based on grinding Rhythm Industrial or Noize pulses which don't change much while number two is starting out with a delicate athmospheric drone slightly pulsing which is overlapped by harsh metallic noises soon. On the flipside there's another Noize workout to be found which sounds like a retreated field recording of industrial manufacturing machines, sci-fi conveyor belts and/or printing units. Music for the headstrong.

Back on the dancefloor we see italian producers Diego Capri & Andrea Gentile launching their own imprint Double Drop with their four track E.P. "Tricks & Tracks" which is to be released on April 10th. As on their debut "Minimal Configuration" which came out on Elettronica Romana earlier this year they deliver four pieces of high quality MinimalTechno for an advanced audience. Unlike many of tracks that are referred to being "minimal" these days this bunch of two obviously knows what the term minimalism intends when it comes to music - all tracks are really stripped down to the bone, allow their sounds to unfold and have a lot of space in between without getting boring or too repetitive. Micro-textures are constantly changing on top of slow pumping beats and basslines that keep dancefloors moving in a state of hypnosis when the early morning hours arrive. Apart from B2 track "Tuning2" their music is not necessarily peaktime stuff for most of the DJ's around but those who are willing to take the risk of including what might be called Intelligent Techno in their sets will be pleased to put this nice 12" into their box.


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