Monday, April 17, 2006

Longplay love 19.0

Miki Mikron's new album named "Irgendwo Nur Nicht Hier" has been released on Audiolith recently. If Kompakt-producer and -DJ Justus Köhncke is right and the term SchlagerTechno exists Miki Mikron's music is what might be called SchlagerElektro meets LoFi-Pop, melancholia-driven, sometimes really sad and most of the times dealing love as main theme, the neverending story that has always been the reason for songs being written, this time not fitting neither for mainstream success nor mass media airplay but as there's a target group out there diggin' this kind of weirdo Pop - those being into groups / projects like Mediengruppe Telekommander, Queens Of Japan, Christian Harder and the likes of.

Alongside the next issue of Persona Non Grata magazine comes a Various Artists compilation entitled "Where Destined Mindblowers Have Their Way" which is as well 023 of the Hamburg based label Audiolith. 17 tracks to be found here taken from the Audiolith-roster containing artists like Juri Gargarin, Der Tante Renate, Aosuke, Räuberhöhle and other covering the full musical spectrum of the label which releases weird ElektroPop or -Clash if you're willing to name things like that, electronic PostPunk and instrumental projects as well. A bit of everything is featured here, too, so this is a nice overview of what Audiolith provides. Recommended not only to fans but to those able and willing to discover the deeper shades of Underground Pop Music.

All fans of kinda punky, dancefloor bashing HipHop - remember early Beastie Boys years ? - should check out the new album of Oakland-based Vice Cooler's project Hawney Troof which is to be released via Southern Records on may 15th. Big time influenced by the Beasties there's 34 tracks to be found here, split on CD's under the name of "Dollar & Deed" featuring infamous Brezel Göring on two tunes plus a few others Europe hasn't heard of so far. You need some openmindedness on the dancefloor to play this out anyway, but if you're about to get this on at 4 a.m. in front of a bunch of drunk party animals take for granted that they'll be jumping around big time to most of them tunes so do not be afraid to take a risk. Although it seems strange there's even some tracks that provide a kinda slamming anthemic sing-a-long chorus which doubles or maybe even quadruples Hawney Troof's hit factor. File under: Skate Hooligan Street Style HipHop!


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