Saturday, April 08, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 9

The first single to be taken off Mike Skinner's a.k.a. The Streets' forthcoming album is "When You Wasn't Famous" which basicly tells that things not necessarily do change when one becomes famous - well, they do but same problems appear again on a different level. Anyway, this tune needs a bit of time to sneak in the ear as it is quite weird to hear Skinner's trademark beats backed up by straight 4/4 bassdrums on about 105-110 bpm. But f*ck that - "When You Wasn't Famous" is catchy as catchy can be, expect to find this listed top 50 soon.

Still hot for all 4x4-/SpeedGarage-afficionados is the double-A-sided MASK 018. "Hey DJ *Agent X Remix" fools around with familiar vocal samples taken from the 1988 AcidHouse-classic "The Party" by Kraze on top of serious beat- & bassline-business and sets dancefloors on fire immediately. "Monster" on the flip is slightly darker as the name suggests but also quite functional and a proper tool, too.

DJ Charmzy of Black Ops comes up with a massive Sublow 12" on the L.D.Cats imprint, carrying 045. A-side "Anthem" is named correct as minimalistic beats accompanied by hypnotic bassline bleeps and great string arrangements being put in a melting pot to create a tune that is not only anthemic but meant to be a hymn. "Banger", to be found on the flip, is even more minimalistic and tool'ish, introducing ultra-phat, heavyweight bassdrums to the scene which are usually only used by Hardcore producers like Hellfish, The Producer, Micropoint or The Speed Freak. This is pure evil. Watch your back, soundbwoy!


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