Saturday, April 22, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 32

Anders Trentemoller's new 12" named "Nam Nam E.P." is 071 of Steve Bug's imprint Poker Flat Recordings featuring three tracks that'll be loved by all fans of his previous PFR-releases "Polar Shift" and "Sunstroke". "Nam Nam" and "Vamp (Vinyl Edit)" are on a quite slow and at least a bit funky tip, functional for late night sets or open air abuse while "Killer Kat" is build for primetime dancefloor bashing. Starting with a pure minimalist attitude more and more Electro'esque elements are layered until a massive breakdown follows which is fusing elements that seem to be the essence of "Dooms Night" and "Rocker" - high energy stuff. If you love Trentemoller's sound anyway just go for it and buy blindfolded.

Rootmaster's tune "Do It" on Rise / Universal Domestic is on promo circuit these days. Four versions to be found here, the Extended Original, two mixes delivered by J Reverse and last not least another rework by Dirty Monkey whoever that may be. All mixes are aiming towards more commercial dancefloors as they use whole lot of standard filters, hectic raps and familiar elements that appeared in bunches of House tunes before and still work properly in that specific context. Hard to say if the world really needed another records like this but as there's a shitload of DJ's playing out commercial House to willing audiences one can't deny that this style seems to work. Rate: Average.

A conjunction release between Hamburg based Audiolith Records and Munich's P.O.R.N. / Play Out right Now Recordings is the recent 10 track CD "The Psychedelic Avengers present Raumschiffkommandant Remixed" which features at least five reworks of the main theme by Colour Haze taken off the "The Psychedelic Avengers ...and the curse of the universe" CD. Remixes are served by the likes of Der Tante Renate, Heiko Klingler, Egotronic and others, "Atomic Dreamboat" by Plemo which is inspired by the original "Raumschiffkommandant" tune plus new tracks by ClickClickDecker, Colour Haze & The Psychedelic Avengers as well as Carsten Vollmer. Musicwise there's influences of Psychedelic Rock to be found as well as more lo-fi ElectroPunk / ElectroClash and dancefloor-fitting minimalism which is a large spectrum and defo interesting for an open minded audience. Check out!


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