Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ender - Ohmu EP [Seahorse & Castle 003 Promo]

Ender is from Finland. Ender is also Hannu Nieminen. And 50% of the prolific duo Hannulelauri which have been remixing the likes of Kasper Björke, Jupiter and Diskokaine apart from releases on labels like Relish or I'm A Cliche. Ender runs Seahorse & Castle, his own imprint and home to his first solo shot which is a sweet four track piece fusing pumping TechHouse with krauty SynthDisco or classic AcidHouse like in the massive A2-lick named "Sick Cat" that well knows about the magic of raw Chicago tunes and the hypnotizing, even trance-inducing effects of an ever spiralling 303-line. This tune is H-U-G-E in capitals, absolutely flawless and made to set floors on fire immediately whilst the title track is on a stripped down and well-psychedelic tip in a way. Finally the additional "Ghost Coaster" serves a jazzy, more experimental feel with dubbed, echoing synth figures in various layers and irritating, stumbling drum works puzzling not only off their head punters when dropped throughout a hot and sweaty night. We do like this.


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