Monday, July 30, 2012

cR-teK / Pharmacom [Pharmacom Records]

The next weird format release appearing from the vaults of Sascha Müller and his fellow musicians is this double 3.5" computer disc, ltd. to 20 copies world wide and originally glued / sealed together with glitter tape. The first disc holds cR-Tek's "Excuse Sushi" as 64 kbps mp3 file which is an abstract and well-funky piece of Electro music with surprising twists and turns for the advanced dancefloors of our planet whilst Pharmacom's "Draculars Revenge" holds up the flag of lo-fi with a 48kbps resolution and fucked up, distorted chiptune-flavours for gatherings of the nerdy typs. If you're about to throw a hacker party for uber-nerdy types soon this one holds a part of your soundtrack.

Wanna get one? A copy out of these 20 gems is available via Q[e]M @ ...


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